My art focuses on women empowerment and revolves around the search of those women who hold a bold personality.

I portray my ideas through Tapestries and Paintings, the process of tapestry itself brings calmness to my body where you are not only producing aesthetic images but also bringing the lives of those women alive, who have struggled, faced hardships yet have never given up empowering their surroundings but most Importantly them being content in life. They are the strength of my art practice and my inspiration.

As opposed to art being something static, where one produces images, sculptures, etc., for me art is a medium where I communicate with people and break barriers to connect with them.

I consider a woman and a tapestry together create a strong bond.

For example: by connecting woman to a tapestry my artwork becomes a message to empower others. The Tapestry aims to deliver happiness and strength by portraying colors and the hard work behind the process. Strength in this context can be related to the weave: how each and every string gives power to the weave.