Critical Analyses

Textiles of Banjaras


This book is based on the attire, handicrafts of the banjaran women. Banjaras are renowned for their highly colourful textiles, often embellished with mirrors and intricate embroidery and produced from natural resources. Created to satisfy the needs of the tribe, occasionally incorporating shells, beads, mirrors, and tassels for decoration, I believe Banjara technique is unique in India and a celebration of the strength of the women who practise it.

Swati Ojha


Nature is the main source of her art works. Here she shows the beauty and rhythm of nature taking references from Corals.

2009- BFA in Textiles Kala Bhavana, Visba-Bharti, Santiniketan.

2011-MFA in Textiles Kala Bhavana, Visba-Bharti, Santiniketan

A Kolkata based artist, did her masters in textiles from Santiniketan Kolkata, she has always been my inspiration and my teacher.  She was my tapestry tutor in College of Art Delhi, while I was pursuing my Bachelors degree. She had introduced me to Tapestry four years ago and had taught me the best traditional techniques to work  with, which I’m still using in my current art works.

Books by His Holiness Dalai Lama

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His books provide a roadmap for living with happiness, joy, and a sense of purpose. The basic premise of his books is that each of us is responsible for our own health and happiness and for the health of society.

How a person thinks, behaves, and feels ultimately impacts not just their own lives, but also the lives of all around them. True happiness begins when you takes responsibility for your actions and when you think of yourself as an integral part of human society.

His Holiness, with characteristic wit, warmth, and humor, directs readers towards lives of happiness, health, and serenity. In his exploration of compassion and forgiveness, inner and outer peace, non-violence and secularism, and the secret of happiness, he reminds us that each of us has the power and the responsibility to change our thoughts, our actions, and our lives.

Annie Albers


A textile artist and a print maker, her book on weaving is one of my inspirations. The book was suggested to me by my weaving teacher back home. It talks about ancient weaving and early techniques of thread interlacing with different fibres. The book also contains examples of work as well as her sketches. It is a fusion of construction, textile, sensibililty and design.

Annie Albers book is different from the other books of tapestry as in this, one seems as though she is speaking directly to you in person.

Grayson Perry

Grayson Perry tapestry Comfort Blanket, 2014

“Taste is a tender subject. What really fascinates me about the topic of aesthetic taste is that people really care.” Grayson Perry

Grayson Perry is an English artist. Out of his artwork what inspires me the most is his tapestry. His work is mostly about politics and the difference a class of a person makes through their houses. If that person is well off then the furniture and the interior of the room would say it all. His tapestry has always been colourful. It is skill based with a lot of details and a meaning of joy and despair, of ugliness and beauty. He usually dresses up like a woman when he goes to public gatherings.

Museum National d’Art Catalunya, Spain


My trip to Barcelona in the month of October took me to the Museum National D’Art Catalunya which was a great inspiration before starting my tapestries here in london. The museum has the most important collection of Catalan art from the 19th Century and the first decades of the 20th Century. Several phases of art history changed in this time: neoclassicism, realism, modernism.In addition to the Roman frescoes in the MNAC is located a department of Gothic frescoes and statues, a smaller collection is devoted to works of the Baroque and the Renaissance.

Nainital, Indianaini

Crowded around a deep, green volcanic lake, Nainital is Kumaon’s largest town and favourite hill resort. It occupies a steep forested valley around the lake Naini and was founded by Britishers. It reminded them of the Cumbrian Lake District.

I have lived there past 22 years. Its not just a beautiful place but a place where silence talks. I can sit alone on the cliff of hours an meditate, it helps me think an widens my thoughts.

 Nainital brings colours to my canvas.