Lord Ganesha


Tapestry – It is one of the most ancient form of art which has been practiced for thousands of years (Neolithic age). Tapestry is a thick woven fabric meant to give a festive look to any given space.

Ganesha is one of the best known and loved deities in the Hindu religion, and indeed is the most recognized of the Hindu gods outside of India.

Ganesh is the Lord of Good Fortune who provides prosperity, fortune and success.  He is the Lord of Beginnings and the Remover of Obstacles of both material and spiritual kinds.  There os a saying he also places obstacles in the path of those who need to be checked. Devotees believe that if Ganesha is worshiped, he grants success, prosperity and protection against adversity.  In a lesser known role, Ganesh is also the destroyer of vanity, selfishness and pride.

I am one of his followers, as mentioned he is the Lord of beginnings, this unit I wanted to start my project with his blessings, therefore, I chose to weave one of his image that I had clicked in the caves of Ajanta.

The size I chose was 3 by 3.5 feet as I had two whole months back in India and the easy availability of the materials used. It took me approximately one and a half month too finish the tapestry, giving five hours each day to it. The process of making gave me satisfaction and peace.

nainital-lakeNainital, India

I used to work alone in my room facing the hill opposite to my house, the trees, the blue sky and the fresh atmosphere  gave me some kind of positive energy and relieved me from tiredness.

The colours were all from my surroundings green,blues, yellow and greys; I could see all the colours with my naked eyes and wanted to store them in my piece of artwork. It took a lot of time but the end result gave me tremendous joy.

I believe weaving is the sacred path because it transmits the energy of peace and patience. The making of weave creates harmony and balance in the weaver and then transmits to the viewer, the viewer experiences serenity.