Professional Showcase

“1′ “


1′ Exhibition was a group show at Chelsea College of Art. It was a group exhibition in which we could many any type of artwork but the size was limited by 1’x1′ (30cm×30cm).
Because of the size being limited we were taught how to showcase our work in small limited area and press our ideas. kit was a learning experience. In this exhibition I exhibited a Kama Sutra painting inspired by the caves of Ajanta, in India.

It is also a good opportunity and why first exhibition in London. Working with other artist was a great experience for us to work together and gain experience for our next show in the future.

Colours of India 2

“The Crypt” proposal 2016




My art work “Lord Ganesha” was exhibited at The Crypt gallery from 27th-30th October 2016 as part of the group exhibition “In the shadows of a subterranean river“. It was a group exhibition by the students of Wimbledon College of Art MFA 2nd year.

I exhibited a Tapestry  is inspired by a sculpture of the Deity known as Lord Ganesha (son of Lord Shiva) The actual sculpture of the deity is engraved in sacred caves of Ajanta , India.

It was a great experience of exhibiting in a very different gallery. I could relate and could sense its history in the environment. It was very different of exhibiting Lord Ganesha in the Crypts gallery.



War And Peace

A video collaboration

In the Wimbledon MFA course we had a workshop by the painter and video artist Kimathi Donkor. In this workshop we had been separated into several groups. All the different groups had to prepare a video based on the theme War and Peace. We chose to cut and make people out of black paper and attached them on to sticks, and then made it move with the help of two people with a water coloured background painted by me. in the video it seemed like shadow of people or soldiers were marching. This experience helped me in the making of my degree show in which I have prepared a documentary. it was  very similar to the film we had made in the workshop. They both were made in a day. it was a great experience i could learn a lot of things in a single day. For me it was an introduction to the film making and a collaborative work experience.

Colours of India

Colours of India 2


The Corridor show12.jpg

In the corridor show in Wimbledon college of Art I chose to exhibit my stainless inspired paintings which I used to make when I was in College of Art. I exhibited seven of these paintings on the wall connected to each other by lines. It was a great experience and a collaborative work.